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Our research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is dedicated to bridging the theoretical and applied elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), drawing inspiration from engineering and physics. Infused with human knowledge and expertise, our work spans industry 5.0 advanced manufacturing, healthcare engineering, energy prediction, and supply chain optimization





  • H.K. Koodiani, E. Jafari, A. Majlesi, M. Shahin, A. Matamoros, A. Alaeddini, Machine Learning Tools to Improve Nonlinear Modeling Parameters of RC Columns, Elsevier, Journal of Building Engineering, May 2024, Accepted.

  • S.H.A. Faruqui, A. Alaeddini, Y. Du, S. Li, K. Sharma, J. Wang, Nurse-in-the-Loop Artificial Intelligence for Precision Management of Type 2 Diabetes in a Clinical Trial Utilizing Transfer-Learned Predictive Digital Twin, arXiv e-prints, January 2024.

  • P. Bhounsule, D. Torres, E.H Hinojosa, A. Alaeddini, Task-Level Control and Poincaré Map-Based Sim-To-Real Transfer for Effective Command Following of Quadrupedal Trot Gait,  IEEE, January 2024.

  • S. Martinez, A. Alaeddini, A Laplacian‐Regularized Dual‐Phase Gaussian Process Technique for Semi‐Supervised Response Surface Modeling of Black‐Box Functions, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, August 2022.

  • K. Bhaganagar, P. Kolar, S.H.A.  Faruqui, D. Bhattacharjee, A. Alaeddini, K. Subbarao, A Novel Machine-Learning Framework With a Moving Platform for Maritime Drift Calculations, Frontiers, Frontiers in Marine Science, June 2022, Accepted.

  • S.H. Silva, A. Das, A. Alaeddini, P. Najafirad, Adaptive Clustering of Robust Semantic Representations for Adversarial Image Purification on Social Networks, Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, May 2022, Accepted.

  • Y. Zeng, P. Shojaee, S.H.A. Faruqui. Alaeddini, R. Jin, Contextual Bandit Guided Data Farming for Deep Neural Networks in Manufacturing Industrial Internet, IEEE Access, July 2022, Accepted.

  • S.H.A. Faruqui, A. Alaeddini, J. Wang,  S. Fisher-Hoch, J. Mccormick, J Carvajal-Rico, A Model Predictive Control Functional Continuous Time Bayesian Network for Self-Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions, arXiv e-prints, May 2022, Accepted.

  • ​S.H.A. Faruqui, A. Alaeddini, S. Fisher-Hoch, J. Mccormick, Dynamic Functional Continuous Time Bayesian Networks for Prediction and Monitoring of the Impact of Patients Lifestyle Behaviours on the Emergence of Multiple Chronic Conditions, IEEE Access, December 2021, Accepted.

  • R. Meka, A. Alaeddini, Nonso Ovuegbe1, Pranav Bhounsule, P. Rad, k. Yang, Multi-Armed Bandit Regularized Expected Improvement for Efficient Global Optimization of Expensive Computer Experiments, IEEE Access, 9 ( July 2021): 100125-100140.

  • ​S.H. Faruqui, A. Alaeddini, M. C. Chang, S. Shirinkam, C.A. Jaramillo, P. Najafirad, M.J. Pugh, Summarizing Complex Graphical Models of Multiple Chronic Conditions Using the Second Eigenvalue of Graph Laplacian: Algorithm Development and Validation, JMIR Medical Informatics, 8(6), e16372 (June 2020).



  • Spring 2024, Journal Publication, Few-shot Classification with Prototypical Neural Network for Hospital Flow Recognition under Uncertainty, M. Chang, A. Alaeddini, Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics Biomedicine​.

  • Spring 2024, Journal Publication, Machine Learning based Problem Space Reduction in Stochastic Programming Models: An Application in Biofuel Supply Chain Network Design, K Keith, K. K. Castillo-Villar, A. Alaeddini, IEEE ACCESS.

  • Spring 2024, Journal Publication, A Laplacian Regularized Graph Neural Network for Predictive Modeling of Multiple Chronic Conditions, J Carvajal-Rico, SHA Faruqui, A Alaeddini, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Just Accepted.

  • Spring 2024, Journal Publication, Machine learning tools to improve nonlinear modeling parameters of RC columns, HK Koodiani, E Jafari, A Majlesi, M Shahin, A Matamoros, A Alaeddini, Journal of Building Engineering, 108492.

  • Fall 2023, Dr. Alaeddini was selected as the Associate Director of Academics at the School of Data Science, UTSA.

  • Fall 2023, The Collaborative Project "Active Learning Estimation and Optimization (ALEO) of Experimental Design for Efficient Accelerated Fuel Qualification” has been funded for a $1M award by DOE, PI: Dr. Alaeddini, Co-PI: Elizabeth Sooby.

  • Fall 2023, The Collaborative Project " Predictive Modeling and Optimization of the Impact of Transportation Electrification on Smart Grid using AI-Driven City-Scale Digital Twin (Phase II)” has been funded for a $500k award by CPSE, PI: A. Alaeddini, Co-PI: K Castillo, P. Rad.

  • Fall 2023, The Collaborative Project " Towards Smart City Resilience: AI-Enhanced Digital Twin for Urban Planning in San Antonio” has been funded for a $1.5M  award by CPSE, PI: P. Rad, Co-PI: A. Alaeddini, K Castillo.

  • Fall 2023, The Collaborative Project " AI-Driven Prediction, Monitoring, and Management of Unwanted Behavior in Patients with Autism: Realtime, Smart, Automated, and Personalized” has been funded for a $50k  award by NSF, PI: A. Alaeddini, Co-PI: L. Neely.


  • A Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position is available for students with a solid math (statistical) background and good programming (MATLAB/Python) skills



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